Writing Samples

Go ahead—take a look at some of my work.

Thumbnails captioned “Web” were originally web pages. By clicking the image and then enlarging, you will be able to view the page much as it actually appeared online. Use your “back” button to return to this page.

Thumbnails captioned “Print” will open in a new window as a PDF. These pieces originally appeared in print.

Homepage of The Graduate School at Binghamton University. My contributions are outlined in dotted red. Web.

Homepage of Binghamton University’s Graduate Community of Scholars (GCOS). Web.

NSF-AGEP at Binghamton University (serving diversity scholars in science and technology). Web.

MPA Alumni Profiles for the CCPA at Binghamton University

Research Homepage for The Graduate School at Binghamton University

Graduate Certificates Application Instructions

Alumni profiles, Master’s in Public Administration.  Web.

Research homepage for The Graduate School at Binghamton University. Web. 

Application instructions for graduate certificate programs at Binghamton University. Web.

Promotional Interview with Danny Abramowicz

Editor's introductory column

Book Review of Benedict XVI by Peter Seewald

Promotional interview with Danny Abramowicz. Print. 

Editor’s column, introducing the issue.  Print.

Book review. Print.

Book Review of Real Women, Real Saints by Gina Loehr



Book review. Print. 

Note: This site is in process. I will be posting a representative portfolio, so be sure to check back or contact me for more. Connect with me via e-mail: sarah [at] sarahrozman.com.

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