Writing Portfolio

Go ahead—take a look at some of my work. Click each image to view the entire piece.


gradschool-homepage-275x200 Fall 2011
Homepage of the Graduate School at Binghamton University. My contributions are outlined in dotted blue. Web.
gcos-homepage-275x200June 2012
Homepage of Binghamton University’s Graduate Community of Scholars. Web. 


submitting-thesis-275x200Fall 2012
Instructions for the thesis/dissertation submission process. Web. 
thesis-dissertation-instructions-275x200November 2012
Instructions for formatting a thesis/dissertation. Web (PDF). 

Marketing email and student profiles

mba-email-275x200 Fall 2012
Email for MBA programs at Binghamton University. Web.
mpa-profiles-275x200 Fall 2011
Alumni profiles, Master’s in Public Administration. Web.

Editor’s column and news briefs

ja10-eddesk-275x200 July/August 2010
Editor’s column for Lay Witness magazine. Print (PDF).
mj10-inbrief-275x200May/June 2010
News briefs for Lay Witness magazine. Print (PDF).

Book Reviews

bxvi-review-275x200May/June 2009
Book review for Lay Witness magazine. Print.
realwomen-review-275x200July/August 2009
Book review for Lay Witness magazine. Print.


rte-abramowicz-275x200September/October 2009
Promotional interview with Danny Abramowicz for Lay Witness magazine. Print (PDF).
ja10-rte-manhardt-275x200July/August 2010
Promotional interview with Laurie Watson Manhardt for Lay Witness magazine. Print (PDF). 


conference-poster-275x200August 2008
Advertisement for CUF 40th anniversary conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Print (PDF).