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October 2012
Binghamton University Graduate School
Thesis/Dissertation Formatting Instructions
December 2012
Binghamton University Graduate School
Admission Deposit

August 2012
Binghamton University Graduate School
Academic Program Overview
all-degrees-275x200August 2012
Binghamton University Graduate School
All Academic Programs and Program Search

select-app-275x200November 2012
Binghamton University Graduate School
Application Selection page
about-the-area-275x200June 2012
Binghamton University Graduate School
About the Area

Revamp and Relaunch

Binghamton University’s Graduate Community of Scholars (GCOS) supports the academic and professional ambitions of its graduate students. Its workshops and courses are designed to help students propel themselves forward in their personal and professional lives.

But its website wasn’t doing the organization proud.

The existing homepage didn’t clearly and immediately represent what GCOS was about. On the back end, the directory had become sprawling and unwieldy–which meant more clicks for visitors. The site needed to be streamlined and refreshed.

Working within the parameters of the University’s site, the GCOS site gets a new look.


Featuring a video followed by a long column of text, this homepage provides inadequate direction to visitors. The left-nav is too many layers deep, requiring lots of clicks to reach the desired destination.
The new homepage provides an immediate snapshot of what GCOS is, as well as the many ways in which GCOS supports graduate students. A revised left-nav provides more information in fewer clicks.

Video Project

This video was a short-order project initially created for a recruitment initiative and developed with resources immediately on hand. The file was loaded onto USB flash drives that were then distributed at recruitment events. Click the image to view the video on the Graduate School website.

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