Upcycling St. Clair

Fleming said his travels opened his eyes to Cleveland’s richness and potential.

“If you’ve been other places, you see that this isn’t a backwater,” he said. “It’s an incredible, diverse city,” he said. “It took all that travel for me to appreciate how valuable it all was.”

from “St. Clair Avenue is poised for revival as Cleveland’s next example of ‘creative placemaking'” on cleveland.com

The Slovenian in me got an extra kick out of this article. I was practically raised on Azman’s kielbasa, and I’ve been to more than one wedding at the Slovenian National Home (my family can polka with the best of them, that’s for sure!).

As a “boomerang” who returned to Cleveland after more than 7 years away, I am happy to be back, and I’m excited about all that Cleveland offers. (At the same time, in this economy, I was grateful and relieved to find a job that will let me stay here.)

I want to see this region thrive, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Upcycle St. Claire develops. The Cleveland Flea? Sounds like fun to me! And maybe after, we can meet at Azman’s for a zelodec sandwich. Yum!

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