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The details: Font flourishes

Stocking factory advertisementThis 1886 hosiery advertisement is not as much about the quality of the hosiery as the character of the company and its workers: wholesome, orderly, and clean. (Not really fitting my own nineteenth-century factory stereotypes.)

For me, though, the lettering is what really makes the ad, with its flourishes, curlicues, and drop shadows.

Like this:

Stocking factory advertisement, detail

And this:

Stocking factory advertisement, detail


Image source.

Because the details can make the difference between “What?” and “Wow!”

The Details: Turtle Eye


Turtle eye

Why, hello there.

I was lucky enough to arrive home as this guy (gal?) was crossing the driveway.

Look at the way the color travels almost perfectly from the turtle’s skin across its eye, and across all those textures. That’s the kind of detail I swoon over—both in nature and in design.

Also, if anyone knows what kind of turtle this is, give a shout out in the comments.